9 - 12 Disability Awareness Questionnaire

Disability Awareness Questionnaire 9-12



My disability is:

I chose to interview:

1. What is your disability?

2. Is your disability congenital or how did you become disabled?

3. Does anyone else in your family have the same disability you have?

4. Did you go to a special school or class for people with your disability?

5. Did you receive special services for your disability either through school or privately?

6. Since you have been an adult, have you ever paid, with your own money, for special services you needed due to your disability?

7. What kinds of jobs have you had in your lifetime?

8. How did you decide what kind of job you wanted?

9. Was it hard for you to find a job?

10. What kinds of accommodations were made at your job for your disability?

11. Do you feel that you faced discrimination in the workplace?

12. What equipment and/or technology do you use now that was not available when you were in high school?

13. As an adult, are there any agencies or community groups that help you with disability related issues?

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